Friday, September 11, 2009

first hint of autumn...

While there's only a hint of autumn in the air, it's here. The temperature has taken a nose dive, which isn't all that remarkable given the cool, wet summer we've had. However, the golden greens are beginning to replace the lush, deep greens of summer and the first New England patches of reds and oranges can be seen pretty much anywhere you look. Sure maybe it's just a tad here and there....but every day there's a little bit more.
I'm partial to this time of year and September is one of my favorite months. I look forward to the crispness of the season. I love the scent from our apple tree as apples drop to the appreciation of the rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks and deer. I feel better about the rascals eating the fallen apples than all the flowers they consumed this summer. My garden has patches of stems without petals...nice!
Autumn brings great inspiration to painting in the Berkshires. In the following weeks there will be glorious patches of colors mingling with pines. This is my first of several autumn landscapes this year. I will be painting some abstractions to express the beauty of the season here in Berkshire County as well.