Friday, April 19, 2019

Days 3-15 #the100dayproject

Days 3-15 of The 100 Day Project with two guest appearances of budding artist and delightful granddaughter, Samantha. I love her work and enthusiasm.



I'm enjoying this project, but am pretty sure I'll be adding other subjects as time goes on.

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Friday, April 5, 2019


A friend said he was thinking of doing #the100dayproject. I didn't really know what this was all about, so I decided to check it out. For so many reasons this is just the thing I need to dive into right now. And it's a fun project for my new watercolor journal (See post below). So I'm off and running. Yes, I started a couple of days late, but it's not a race - it's a practice.

I chose river rocks because.........well because I am really fond of rocks; so this will be #100daysofriverrocks most likely. One of the beautiful things about The 100 Day Project is that there really aren't any rules. You decide what you want to do. You can change your mind mid-stream if you want to. Might you be interested in joining in too?

Here is Day 1 and Day 2

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hello Spring!

It's starting to feel like Spring here and that's always exciting in the northeast, right? And so it follows that my first springtime collage/painting has been completed. I started it on Monday with watercolor, added deep purple acrylic paint and a couple of stems and leaves. And the fun really started when it was time to add some texture via collage. Happy Spring!