Friday, October 23, 2015

Settling in and Good Purpose

I'm happy to report that my new live/work space in Albany (otherwise known as my home) is working out perfectly. Now that we're basically settled in, I'm preparing for a show at the Good Purpose Gallery in Lee, Massachusetts. I'm excited about this opportunity and love the mission of the Good Purpose Gallery, which works very closely with the College Internship Program (CIP). The motto of the CIP is:
 “You were made for good purpose and are inherently valuable”.

  and the mission of the Gallery is:
"The Gallery mission is to help integrate young individuals on Autism Spectrum and with other Learning Differences into community, enrich their lives through arts and creativity, and provide the opportunity for professional artists to share their skills and passion with exhibits, workshops and lectures."  ~ from the Good Purpose Gallery website. 

So as someone who loves art and how it impacts our communities for the better, I'm really thrilled to be involved in this exhibit. I'm readying somewhere between 20-30 works. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit CIP Performing and Visual Arts development efforts.

I may be adding these two new river rock paintings I've just finished. I have a couple of mixed media pieces in the works, as well.

It's nice to be back in the saddle again....and for such a good purpose.