Monday, April 6, 2020

In the Introduction, Mary Gabriel states wherever there is art, there is hope ...and that our own troubled world is sorely lacking in the nutrients that art provides. She quotes Albert Camus, “In the world of condemnation to death which is ours, artists bear witness to that in man which refuses to die.” 

Written long before we were all dealing with the pandemic but screaming back at me now from these pages, I hear the call. Each of us will answer it differently. Doing whatever we can for each other, being generous and kind, caring hugely so that the majority of us come through this and work together to rebuild our lives. I pray for those suffering, I mourn for those lives already lost (especially dear Diana) and I’m grateful to all those working so continually for the common good. 

My offering to you is art to feed your soul, soothe your aching heart and give you a moment of respite amidst all you are dealing with right now. Even better, I encourage you to make your own art, to create from your inner most place something that helps you deal with the challenges. Something that reminds you of all the love and goodness that exists in the world and how strong the human spirit is.