Thursday, July 18, 2019

Daily Practice

The 100 Day Project ended yesterday for me. Today I woke up thinking "What now?" Going into this project I had hoped to jump start daily painting again. I had let too many non-essential, but important, things hijack my painting time. Check! It was also wonderful to connect with other artists and creatives world-wide who were participating in the project. Check!

I created pages of river rocks from my imagination. There is something about rocks that resonates so deeply with me. I thought I would eventually get tired of painting them, but that didn't happen. The other paintings I worked on weren't river rocks though.

This has been a really good journey for me and I will keep to the daily practice of painting in my art journal. Here is the space to explore anything freely without a thought to the final product.

Christine brought cake and ice cream.
My daughter, Christine, ( is a very gifted writer. Life got in the way of her regular writing practice so she participated in this project, too. We decided to celebrate accomplishing our goals last night at our weekly Goddess Night Dinner with cake. Just ask all the grandkiddos - everything is a celebration when there's cake!

I look forward to participating in next year's #the100dayproject. New goals and a new project awaits.