Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For the Love of Cards

There is something about unique art cards and note cards that has always attracted me - creating them and collecting them. I guess it started when I was somewhere around 8 years of age. I designed a series of "all occasion cards" using crayons and folded paper. I packaged them in recylced card boxes covered in construction paper. And then I hit the neighborhood to sell them. Fifty cents for a box of six - what a deal!
When my mom got wind of what I was doing, my little enterprise came to a screeching halt. I didn't think I was pestering the neighbors. I thought I was offering a unique opportunity for them to have handcrafted note cards - who doesn't love that? So I'm again selling cards, but now they are created from my original paintings.
There are around 30 different designs currently. I'm slowly building up a little card shop on Etsy and have been sellling cards locally for several years. And this time I'm not pestering the neighbors!

I appreciate the immediacy of email and it's become an integral part of my work and social life, but I will always treasure art cards, lovely papers and being able to take pen to paper. Might it be time to send a thoughtful note to someone you're thinking of?