Monday, October 26, 2009

It seems I've come to a little fork in the road. It's not one of those huge life decisions; I'm just trying to determine the next step I want to take artistically. Don't we all have these moments? And over and over again, just when we think we've settled on a path, something sparks inside us that asks us to throw the cards up in the air to see where they land this time. Or at least that's what it's feeling like for me right now. I love painting my mixed media pieces while at the same time I've sold many more watercolor paintings, so maybe I should create a larger body of watercolor work. Add to that the fact that it's getting close to the holidays and I know I could make some cash if I make more cards, holiday related items, and little things like bookmarks from original paintings. So, it's all swirling around in my head... Philosophically it seems sound to just keep painting what I love painting without any detours, but pragmatically it would be nice to make some cash right about now. Is this just a matter of balance or do you feel more driven to keep painting what you love painting? What are your thoughts? Do you struggle with this as well? Blessings on the journey!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I've spoken of illuminating moments in one's life as a real inspirational, motivational force to do something better, in this case it's art and loving - but not necessarily in that order. For me it was a pre-admittance test for a minor surgical procedure that got my attention. Something didn't turn out quite the way it should have on one of the tests and it gave me a moment's pause, OK maybe alarm would be more accurate. But after some reflection, it really is a pause. We have those moments of pause all the time. Usually we are too rushed, busy or distracted to pay much attention. Today it's different though, I'm feeling more loving and grateful for what I've been blessed with than anything else - for those people in my life I love, for the new day's dawn, for all that's left to explore. That transfers to making art, too. I feel a spaciousness, an openness, a no-rules kind of painting day coming on. It really is the journey that counts most, the moment by moment living and loving. Happy Friday!