Friday, October 2, 2009

I've spoken of illuminating moments in one's life as a real inspirational, motivational force to do something better, in this case it's art and loving - but not necessarily in that order. For me it was a pre-admittance test for a minor surgical procedure that got my attention. Something didn't turn out quite the way it should have on one of the tests and it gave me a moment's pause, OK maybe alarm would be more accurate. But after some reflection, it really is a pause. We have those moments of pause all the time. Usually we are too rushed, busy or distracted to pay much attention. Today it's different though, I'm feeling more loving and grateful for what I've been blessed with than anything else - for those people in my life I love, for the new day's dawn, for all that's left to explore. That transfers to making art, too. I feel a spaciousness, an openness, a no-rules kind of painting day coming on. It really is the journey that counts most, the moment by moment living and loving. Happy Friday!


  1. great post, thanks for the reminder to be grateful. hope you have a wonderful friday full of painting!

  2. Thought provoking post - a good read.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you ever want to share your studio with my readers, just let me know :D

  3. Wonderful Post Susan.I am new to blogging and I have had so many wonderful blogs cross my path and yours is one of them.Last week someone asked the question.."What makes you happy?" answer..the moments with out distraction.Your words are full of love and life and I am so grateful to know you.Thank you so much for sharing.Cat


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I hope you have a wonderful, creative day...