Friday, March 18, 2011

I am working on some watercolor collages that are in their final stages - but need a little "something" before they are finished. I like the idea of repurposing old paintings that aren't destined to the framing table. Sometimes you can find a wonderful piece of a painting even when the overall painting doesn't work.

Additionally, I have just finished my latest painting in the river rocks series.

It's springtime in the Berkshires, or nearly springtime and I'm off to gather some inspiration and images for a new series of paintings.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Through the One World One Heart blog event, I met some fun, creative bloggers who offered random drawings as part of this event. Here are three women I'd like you to meet.

Regi, lives in Alabama and describes herself as "a free spirit, a gypsy, a hippie and a child of the sea". She wears many hats, including that of artist and designer - creating the most amazing one of a kind sculptures and jewelry. Regi is a wonderful story teller and her blog is full of delightful posts full of southern charm. I hope you'll stop over to visit her at Regi sent me her adorable creation, Shibee. He has found a sunny home in my art studio at Art on No in Pittsfield. Thank you, Regi!

The second blogger I'd like you to meet in Grace. Grace blogs from her home in Indiana where she writes "random thoughts of life and beading". You'll find an amazing variety of gorgeous beadwork displayed on Grace's blog, The photos highlight the intricate beading and is well worth a visit. These beautiful pearl earrings were the giveaway treasure from Grace's blog. Pay Grace a visit to see more beautiful beading. Thank you so much Grace! I'm wearing your lovely earrings as I write this now.

 The third artist blogger I'd like you to meet is Lorrie. Lorrie is a paper artist living in Michigan. She makes vibrantly beautiful handmade paper and paper mosaics. Lorrie is also an art instructor who teaches workshops on making handmade paper, paper mosaics, mixed media and surface design. Lorrie's written several articles which are listed on her blogsite too. Visit to learn more. Here is the paper mosaic heart Lorrie sent me. Thank you so much Lorrie for such a visual treat. I'm putting this heart in my art studio alongside Shibee for inspiration.