Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In addition to meeting some wonderful creatives through the OWOH blog event, I am the lucky recipient of three wonderful giveaways. Thank you Cory, Lisa and Julie! 

I love the bracelet Cory Celaya sent me! It's gorgeous and so uniquely designed. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it as I write this. Cory's work is truly amazing. Definitely pop over to her website. She also has two great blogs Art with Moxie and Create with Moxie to check out. In addition to creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, Cory also produces wonderful mixed media art, which really blows me away. Thank you again, Cory!

Lisa Atchison sent me the most gorgeous lampwork bead and opened up a whole new world of art to appreciate. I have never seen anything like this before; it's just stunning! Above are three views of the same bead; depending on which way you hold the bead, you see a different view - really beautiful! Visit Lisa's blog at Touch of Glass Designs and her website to see more of her gorgeous beads and learn more about her art. Thank you so much, Lisa!

My third giveaway gift came from Julie Gazin, who sent me a lovely crocheted towel and her Butterfly Garden foam hand soap. Among Julie's creations are crocheted items, soy candles, lotions, soaps, original artwork, prints and more. You'll want to check out Julie's huge variety of creations by visiting her website and blog. Many thanks, Julie!


  1. Hi Julie! I'm so glad that you like your bead! Thank you so much for the mention on your blog! Take Care, Lisa

  2. Hi Susan, I don't know why I typed Julie!! I'm having one of those days...((blush, blush)) Thanks, Lisa

  3. Hello Susan..Lucky you, winning three times, I didn't even win one...BooHoo. (love the bead)

    I am so glad that you are enjoying the bracelet. I too want to thank you for the plug about my blogs and other works. It is totally appreciated.



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