Friday, July 30, 2010

golden moments...

Was thinking about my parents today and found this photo. (What ever did we do in the days before scanning?)  It was taken on such a happy day over 23 years ago. My parents were a) both alive b) looking great and c) appearing so happy. How I long for a moment like that again, but it's not to be. Dad passed on a long time ago. Mom hasn't been herself for many years and lives in a nursing home now, not recognizing any of us, but seems to be doing OK. I love this picture of my parents with my daughter, Kate, who was my sister's flower girl during her wedding. The one thing that still remains is the smile on Kate's face...could light up a room! 

This reminds me how important it is to take photos along life's journey because when memories fade, people leave us, and time marches on as it inevitably will, we still have those happy moments captured for all eternity. Cherish the golden moments...and record them. :)


  1. And now that little girl was just a bride, amazing........

  2. I'm very late in seeing this post but it's a great of my favorite pictures of all time too :)


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