Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new works...

In the last week or so I finished two mixed media paintings. I added crumpled tissue paper with gesso to create some interesting textures, used both watercolor and acrylic paint, saran wrap, colored pencils and ink. Then the paintings were sealed with two coats of varnish and gloss medium.

If you haven't experimented with mixed media painting yet, I highly recommend it. When I find myself unable to focus (in those moments where all the normal life challenges seem to gang up on me), yet my muse is calling me to do something, I usually begin a mixed media work. It transports me creatively and before long I'm immersed in a new piece of art. The best part is that there's no limit, other than your own imagination, as to what you can incorporate into your mixed media painting!

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  1. Both are lovely- the flower is my favorite. I have done some mixed media in abstract work. I should try it for some other pieces! Happy New Year to you!


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