Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a new year and a new list of resolutions...

In addition to the personal wellness resolutions I've made this year, (more yoga, exercise, healthier eating and cranking up gratitude awareness while decreasing whining) I have 3 resolutions directly related to improving my art that I'm sharing them with you. So please call me on them if/when I slip!

1. Take better photos - both for reference and of finished works. My first step was to buy a better camera, which arrived yesterday - thank you UPS for the speedy delivery. Next, learn to use it well.

2. Be more disciplined about studio time - no excuses accepted

3. Create more paintings that are either in a series or thematically cohesive

I'm thinking that reviewing these at the beginning of each month, instead of once a year, will have a positive impact on my ability to succeed.

Do you want to share your resolutions?


  1. I resolve to help or assist artists that I know achieve their goals. You know the old saying... happy artist, happy life!

  2. Thank you Berkshire Guy! Your support and enthusiasm means the world to me. :)

  3. Wonderful Resolutions Susan!!I really like to pick a word or phrase that will inspire me throughout the year.This year I going with one that has special special meaning to me..a quote by Rumi.."Let what you what you do".Big Hugs,Cat


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