Monday, August 19, 2013

New Works

I've been painting up a storm lately and want to share one of my new works. It's still untitled, but I will have a title for it soon.

This painting was inspired by one of the photographs my husband took at Smith College's greenhouse. It's an amazing place with a number of rooms, each one hosting more exotic plants than the previous room. It's one of my favorite winter haunts when everything outside is a shade of brown, gray or white. It's a treat, a wonderful sensory experience to transport one out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You can see this painting in the "Side by Side" exhibit at the NUarts Gallery next month. I'm showing with fellow artist and friend, Sally Tiska Rice. When we got together to discuss collaborating on “Side by Side”, the idea of donating a portion of our proceeds surfaced as an important part of our mission. Sally and I are both passionate about art and our community. As we feel strongly about the benefit of art in our children’s lives, we are donating 25% of all show sales to Berkshire Arts Association’s Fellowship Fund targeted for art field trips for high school students.

I'll post another sneak peek next week.

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