Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Acrylic Obsession

I am a watercolorist who also creates mixed media paintings, but over the last week I've become OBSESSED with acrylic paint on canvas. I started thinking weeks ago about paintings I wanted to create for the Berkshire Art Association's 10x10 RAP (Real Art Party) and at least one painting for the "10x10 Show" at the NUarts Gallery - all due this month. Still things were very slow in the creation department. Then a couple of weekends ago I dove into a bag full of heavy body acrylics and I haven't been able to stop painting ever since. Why had I never tried acrylics like this before? I really love them.  
I'm halfway through a great resource, New Acrylics Essential Sourcebook by Rheni Tauchid. It's a wonderful guide that delves into the alchemy and science of working with acrylics. I've used fluid acrylics in my mixed media art, but I have only scratched the surface of all that's possible with this versatile medium. The bold colors and high viscosity have hooked me.
I've painted three cloudscapes, all 10"x10" for February events - First Fridays Artswalk (2/7) and BAA's 10x10 RAP (Real Art Party) which is 2/20.


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