Saturday, April 20, 2024

For the Love of Experimenting

Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast and it's just a gorgeous time of year. I feel lucky to have witnessed Spring in full bloom on our trip to Cherry Grove, SC for a few weeks. Double the enjoyment! So, what am I working on? Here's a sample from this year's 100 Day Project. I must admit I'm enjoying the journey a lot more since I've thrown out the need to finish a page a day. I work on the project most every day, but it doesn't mean I have a finished page. It's more relaxed and fun. This year I also did away with a theme for the project, as I've had in years past. It's the No Plan Plan this year with lots of experimenting! 

I am interested in using more acrylic paints this Spring. I've also been experimenting with color pencils after treating myself to some really beautiful Prismacolors. But the thing that has been the most fun is making gel prints on transparent paper to use in collaged paintings. My good friend RoAnn, a very talented artist living in St. Augustine, turned me onto gel printing while we were together in SC. I am obsessed. I could spend days making gel prints. I do have to remind myself I only need so much collage materials for my paintings though. Since mixed media is my jam, I'm really excited to expand what I incorporate into this year's mixed media works.

If you find yourself in need of collage papers, I can't recommend creating transparent gel prints enough. There are some great YouTube videos to check out. It's so much fun!

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