Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm working on supplying a local inn with paintings; they are interested in simplicity and expressions of the every day in a new way. That in turn is bringing me back to a simpler time in my own art making. Lately I've been focused on mixed media pieces with a lot going on and bright colors. However, creating the simpler paintings like this one, had a calming effect on me in the last week. While I don't think I'll linger here too long, it's been a nice week of painting. It's interesting how subject matter, color and design effect us while we are creating art. The emotions stirred up during the creative process end up reflected back into the artwork. It's all a cycle I guess and one of the beautiful things about making art. I learn more about myself through my paintings every day. Here's to experimenting!


  1. Hi Susan, I'm in the Vast team on Etsy too, I like your blog a lot and signed up to follow...Also want to read all of the Ancient Artist's blog, since I'm an ancient artist myself; I'm 67, actually I've been painting a while but am new to the online selling thing...
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  2. I like the handling and texture of this pear and your watercolors are wonderful! I especially like "River Rocks 1 - Original Painting" - I hearted it on Etsy.

    BTW Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. Much appreciated.

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