Monday, July 20, 2009


I started painting almost three years ago and since then I have conversed with some very talented and generous artists who have shared their wisdom, trials and insight with me. It's within this giving community that art flourishes, friendships form, and creativity spirals. I am full of gratitude to those who have shared with me. It is in this spirit that I try to pass on to others anything I've gleaned that might be of some help or inspiration.
There are some people I'll thank in person (and you know who you are), but I'd also like to thank an online community I joined a few months ago called Visual Artists Street Team (VAST) - an Etsy group. There are so many wonderful artists and generous souls in this group. Many VAST artists share their thoughts, offer support and inspire one to keep things in perspective. The actual technical and creative information shared among VASTies is significant. This has also put me in touch with some wonderful artists' blogs which are inspirational, educational, and entertaining - sometimes all in one blog. Especially as an emerging artist, always full of questions and ponderings, I am sincerely grateful to belong to this group of spirited and talented artists! Thank you all!


  1. I agree with you , this group is incredible and I am glad to be part of it.

  2. I wish you much success in all your artistic endeavors..vastie Robin


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