Friday, October 15, 2010

wabi sabi...

Here are my top five magazine picks of the moment. In this month's Whole Living magazine there's a wonderful article about the ancient aesthetic philosophy of wabi sabi. Wabi sabi originated from Zen Buddhism and is exemplified by the significant, yet simple tea ceremony. While finding words to define wabi sabi has been difficult throughout the ages, the philosophy is easy to grasp and appreciate.

Now I understand the link between wabi sabi and my appreciation for all that's imperfect, slightly worn, changeable and naturally beautiful. Wabi sabi influences nearly all my personal preferences. There's a link between wabi sabi and my strong attraction to nature and the natural order of things, which heavily influences my art and can be felt in my paintings. Maybe this explains why I love things that are slightly off kilter rather than the perfection that's so celebrated in the western world. In my most aware moments, I find the wabi sabi principles create a sense of freedom embracing impermanence, imperfection and what is.


  1. I loved that wabi sabi article! I hadn't heard of the term before, but I love its varied definitions... the imperfect, off-kilter beauty in things. Figured you would enjoy that article as well :)

  2. Had to tell you that I actually visited you yesterday,read the article and then as it always does,time ran away from me and it was time to go pick up the kids.Anyway,the article was so moving and I just couldnt stop thinking about it.Thank you so much for sharing it and for sharing your beautiful words in your post.Big Hugs,Cat

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Susan! I adore the wabi sabi aesthetic too!


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