Tuesday, September 29, 2020

UAG Goodtime Revival Show - An Artistic Resurrection

So this is fun! I got an email three weeks ago from the Upstate Artists Guild (UAG) saying they were looking to past members for a pop up art exhibit for the month of October. Always a last minute kind of gal, I thought. "Heck yeah". I'm pretty excited to be part of this show. I always found the UAG members to be such an interesting group of artists creating really interesting and often unusual art. And I miss these folks! 

So the UAG is holding The Goodtime Revival Show! held at the Art Associates Gallery, 21 Railroad Avenue, Albany. I dropped these two paintings off yesterday for the show. Both mixed media pieces were created this year and vary quite a bit from what I usually do.

 1) How My Garden Grows  2) Summer Burst 

COVID-19 restrictions are in place for everyone's safety. So there will be a limited number of people (25) n the gallery at any one time, face masks are required and the opening reception will not include food and drink. It will still be a great time because any time you can look at art and be inspired is, IMO a great time. 

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