Monday, May 24, 2021

Springtime Musings

Spring is in full bloom and my attention has been on all the glories of nature. I am enjoying my flower and veggie gardens so much this year. George built me enclosures for the veggie patches to keep out our manic urban squirrels. They were obsessed last year and showed signs of carrying on again this year. George to the rescue!

In my art work I've been as drawn to nature as usual. But while I've painted a number of more representational works, it's the surreal ones that have intrigued me lately. I am enjoying abstractions and wild imaginings for a lot of reasons and the pandemic may have a bit to do with that, too.

 Painting is my happy place and my spirit thrives when I am creating. Some times I just need to sit in my studio for a little while to feel revitalized. What do you do to refresh your spirit? Wishing you a blessed and creative day!


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